Wearing fitness apparel that inspires you may make the difference in whether you workout today or not!  SoFreakinFit seeks to motivate those of all ages, shapes and sizes through the power fitness. We truly believe that “when you look good, you feel even better”!  


Emma Marion, with the help her husband Kevin Marion created the SoFreakinFit brand to watch their dreams of inspiring others come to fruition.

Fitness was not always a priority of hers, although she battled weight issues and unhealthy eating habits most of her life. Like many, she jumped on the “fitness bandwagon” several times but always fell off. It wasn’t until 2016, after 2 pregnancies, the highest weight she’s ever been, and a bruised self-image that she started her fitness journey.  

Through diet and exercise she saw results right away, and over a 6 month period she lost nearly 50 pounds. This not only boosted her self-confidence, but sparked her love for fitness! If she could do it, why not inspire others to do the same?